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HCM Consulting

Getting you back to the business you love takes expertise, the right tools and proper implementation with a HCM consultant who knows how to take you there. Human Capital Management consulting is our speciality. We combine that expertise with industry-leading HCM consulting tools and implementation to develop true-fit, lasting solutions for your organization.

Strategy and purpose are an essential beginning to your Human Capital Management (HCM) success.


Your people, your processes and the systems you use each day are unique, and have a tremendous impact on your business. And while adopting capable and lasting HCM technologies is also a critical step to increase HR and workforce productivity (and long-term success), establishing first a clear understanding of your business drivers and a well defined strategy is essential. This is why partnering with Human Capital Management (HCM) consultant who can both provide the solutions and understand your business nuances makes all the difference. (See “Implementation” tab above to continue.)

A good plan is only as effective as the quality of implementation and your follow through within the organization, particularly when it involves your people, your systems, and your processes.


No provider understands the importance of quality implementation better than Payright or is better suited to deliver on those results. With our diverse team of HCM experts, we take a highly immersive approach into understanding your business in order to deliver the necessary technology and processes to make long-term change a reality. (See “Data Conversion” tab next.)

Whether you’ve outgrown your legacy systems recently or long ago, today you need to move forward.


You need not only a partner that can assist you in bringing that data forward, but more importantly, you need to move to a suite of tools that won’t put you in the same situation within a few years… all over again. At Payright, we have the team and technology expertise to develop true, customized technology solutions that don’t offer a “band-aid” for today’s challenges, but rather, offer a long-term solution to nurture your growth. (See “Conversion” tab next.)

Your people are very likely your largest and most important investment. And as your most costly and dynamic resource, the more you understand about your workforce output and areas where improvement and saving can occur… the more productive and profitable your organization will be.


Collecting your workforce data is tremendously important. Until recently, understanding your data quickly and taking action based on results was not feasible. Today, through analytics technology that has all changed. At Payright, workforce analytics is central to what we do and the solution we deliver, helping you understand your workforce like never before, and make better, faster decisions unlike you have done before.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Efficiency is at the heart of our HR application. The application features self-service workflows, allowing employees, managers, and HR administrators to directly manage many of their tasks across the functional spectrum. Self-service functionality takes it one step further by empowering candidates and employees to handle many of their own HR-related tasks.

Hightlights >>

Applicant Tracking

Allow managers to perform online applicant searches and track job applicant candidates throughout the hiring process. Candidates have the ability to directly apply for a specific position online.

Background Screening

Protecting your business, employees and clients is essential. We offer fast and affordable background screening services to help you do just that.

Onboarding Checklists

Electronically submit W-4 and I-9 forms, conduct open enrollment with employee self-service, and manage automated payroll deductions.

Customizable Workflows

Create custom workflows between applicants and the hiring manager to provide a cohesive experience for customers and prospects.

Human Resources (HRIS)

Few things are more valuable than your time. Your processes and people can both take more time you have available without the proper tools in place. Experience a powerful, multifaceted web-based solution that takes many of the manual, time-consuming processes associated with human resources and helps manage them for you, giving you and your team more time to focus on your core business.


Applicant Tracking

Performance Management

Incident Tracking

Training & Certifications Management

Asset Management

Benefits Administration

Simplified compliance

Easy-to-use Report Writer


Position & Job Management

User-created fields

benefits administration

Easier Benefits Administration

Like you, your employees are busy. Tasks like benefit enrollment can impact the entire company, resulting in hours of unnecessary admin. With the convenience of Employee Self Service and electronic benefits administration, you can streamline how you manage administration and enrollment, updates, deductions and more.


Whether it’s an available benefits plan overview, defined benefits eligibility, Employee Self Service (ESS) open enrollment, ESS life event enrollment, effective-date benefit plans or the ability to automatically update carriers through our Carrier Connect third-party add-on, your benefits administration processes are now manageable.

Performance Management

Automate the performance review process for timely, thorough evaluations. Streamline the experience for employees and managers with convenient, self-service features. Performance Management provides an automated method for managers to review employees and for employees to review their own performance through a multi-tier review process. Performance reviews are measured through competencies, goals, and core values, providing you with a fast, comprehensive way to track employee performance.

time and labor solutions

Time & Labor Management

Our timekeeping solution streamlines time management processes to help you increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. It automatically captures time and attendance information from a variety of data collection devices. You can track and understand true labor costs by enforcing flexible, user-defined pay rules. Maintain compliance and improve payroll accuracy with simplified timecard management. And manage exceptions, including missed punches and early/late arrivals, in real time to avoid payroll errors and costly rework.

Mid-market & Small Business Editions

Experience one of the most accurate and versatile web-based time and labor management applications on the market. This application has been created to address the complex and evolving needs within your industry. Available in both small business and mid-market editions to address the diverse needs of companies of all sizes.


Dynamic Scheduling provides the ability to enter and change schedules on the fly, whether they are based on a daily, weekly, or other recurring pattern. This flexible frame of reference allows employees to be assigned to schedules or vice versa.


  • Flexible accruals engine
  • Time-off request workflow
  • Customizable reports
  • Exception tracking
  • Workforce management dashboard
  • Scheduling and workday breakdown
  • Job costing


Are your managers and employees still managing schedules ineffectively? Do they have access on-demand, right on their phone? With automated employee scheduling software, your managers can save countless hours while employees enjoy greater control over their hours. It’s easy to assign daily, weekly, or configurable patterns to schedules. For flexibility and convenience, you can assign employees to schedules or schedules to employees, view preferences, make adjustments on the fly, and give employees access from the web, a mobile app, or the time clock. You can even track scheduled hours versus worked hours, as well as projected hours to more effectively budget labor costs, forecast overtime, and keep costs within expectations.

Manage your labor spend

Keep labor costs under control without compromising delivery performance. Our Scheduling application makes it easy to build accurate schedules that align staff coverage to anticipated demand imported from other business systems.

Compliance-friendly schedules

The system lets you know when scheduling actions violate established rules, enabling you to make changes and stay in compliance. The system automatically sorts through employees based on predefined criteria — availability, preferences, skills, certifications, company policies, union rules, state and federal labor laws, and more — so you can assign the right person to each position.

Fast - Drag and Drop

An intuitive interface allows you to perform scheduling tasks with remarkable speed and ease. Drag and drop to assign shifts. Split or swap shifts with a single click. Or select multiple shifts to edit side by side.

employee scheduling

Leave Management

Our leave management module gives you comprehensive leave of absence management capabilities, allowing you to automate the enforcement and tracking of federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies and requirements for a variety of qualified leave types, including illness, injury, disability, bereavement, military, jury duty, maternity/paternity, child/elder care, and labor disputes.

Configurable workflow for eave requests/approval

Employee Self Service

Time entries integrated with timesheets

Manager leave case visibility reporting


The payroll module puts you in complete control of your payroll — every step of the way. Continuous processing makes payroll available whenever you need it. Real-time calculations let you know exactly what your people are doing and how much you’re paying them to do it. A versatile pay rules engine makes it easy to determine pay for regular or overtime hours and supports any number of scenarios, such as shift differentials, order of importance, location, and more. And for optimal convenience, final pay statements are always just a click away.

Highlights >>


Tax data is built into the system to support multiple regional requirements and tax structures.

Filing Options

The payroll module includes everything you need to complete and file tax forms in house. Or choose from outsourced options for tax filing, garnishment processing, and check printing.

Automatic Tax Updates

Automatic tax table updates help ensure the accuracy of employee withholdings.

Other Highlights

Continuous payroll processing, real-time calculations, versatile pay rules engine, notifications, alerts and much more.

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