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Our Markets
Payright Payroll provides integrated solutions for companies with just a few employees to those with thousands.

Service Industry
Payright Payroll has years of expertise handling the specific needs of the service industry, ranging from fancy restaurants to fast food establishments, hotels, golf courses, and banquet and catering companies. We understand the importance of accurate tip management and the unique financial responsibilities of each category of service industry employer.

Payright can directly import files from any point-of-sale software or time clock system to avoid double-keying, or set up a program to help you save time and money.

Some specific reports could be:
• Excess Tip FICA Credit Report
• Tip Sign-Off Report
• Employee Tip Report for Charged Tips
• Tip Management

Payright has been working with construction clients since 1989 and understands the needs of companies of all sizes. General contractors, sub-contractors, and union and non-union businesses have taken advantage of Payright customization for their business needs.

Union Payroll Reports: Provided to all unions and locals in all states, with completed reports ready for filing for each individual union.
Certified Payroll Report: Completed forms ready for filing to all agencies: local, state and federal.
Labor Distribution and Job Costing:Accurately tracked payroll costs per job that saves valuable time. Labor and job costs can be allocated to different jobs and departments.

Non-Profit / Governmental Organizations
Payright understands your organization’s needs and the special reporting requirements you may face. Whether you’re an organization that receives $150 million in federal and state funding, or a church that reports to the dioceses, we understand what you need. We will work with you or your auditors to tailor reports for your organization. Payright has knowledge of the reporting requirements for OMB A-133 and UFR audits.

Special Features:
• Fiscal reporting (July 1 to June 30)
• 100% auditibility of every field
• Information is never purged
• General ledger reporting
• Ability to split payroll costs across programs, grants, funds, and/or projects
• Ability to reallocate hours without running a separate payroll

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