Time & Labor

Take control of your greatest expense.

Optimize Cost & Productivity

Your workforce is often your greatest expense. Most likely, it’s also your most important resource for driving company value, which is why ensuring your workforce costs are carefully managed is so critical to company profitability. With the proper tools, this is no longer such as challenge.

Minimize Labor Compliance Risk

Maintaining a culture of compliance, accountability, and record keeping is vital, whether you’re large or small. Complying with state or federal guidelines (e.g., FLSA, FMLA, ACA) requires the right tools.

Manage Accrual Liability Costs

Whether it’s for hourly or salaried employees, you can reduce unnecessary costs with effective workforce management. Better manage time-off requests and separation policies, including accrual payoffs.

Manage Labor Costs

To remain competitive, organizations must optimize both labor costs and productivity. As a large expense, labor must be carefully planned and managed through tools that simplify pay policies and time management.

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Ready to meet your needs today… and for tomorrow.

Experience one of the most accurate and versatile web-based time and labor management applications on the market. Created to address the complex and evolving needs within your industry, not only does it collect attendance data, but also it allows for powerful reporting and configurability to fulfill virtually any business requirements. Features include employee and manager self-service (ESS and MSS) workflows, configurable business logic, mass edit capabilities, multi-level security, and rich data collection options.

Multiple Data Collection Options

Choose from a wide range of time collection options depending on your specific work environment: traditional swipe keypads (bar code, magnetic), proximity, smartphones, fingerprint recognition, and touch-tone phones. Our mobile application makes it easy for your employees to clock in and out, check current or previous timesheets, and more.


Whether through the application or one of the many data collection devices available, data can be collected in real time or in a store-and-forward (polled) manner, depending on a location’s connectivity.

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Lasting options for both Mid-Market or Small Businesses.

The first step to building a more efficient workforce is choosing the right solution. Whether you’re part of a large organization or a small business and whether you’re looking for deeper insight, greater efficiency, or improved productivity, you have found the product that will meet your business requirements… for today and tomorrow.

Versatile pay rules engine

Flexible accruals management

Robust feature set

Time-off request workflow

Scheduling and workday breakdown

Mid-Market Edition

Flexible, robust time management for your diverse needs... today and tomorrow.

Small Business Edition

Enterprise-ready but built for small businesses... at a fraction of the cost.

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