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Payroll / Tax

Transmit your payroll information to us using one of the following methods:

Tax Pay & File

Never worry about missing a deadline or being penalized for an error. With Payright Tax Pay and File Service, we will assume all responsibility for timeliness and accuracy.

  • Tax deposits are made on time – GUARANTEED
  • Quarterly and year-end tax forms are completed and filed on time – GUARANTEED

Benefit Accruals

Payright’s Evolution software will accrue and track paid time-off. You may create unlimited time-off accrual codes, and accrue based on pay frequency, employee anniversary dates, or per hours worked.

Common Account

This timesaving process automatically debits payroll, payments, and payroll tax monies from a business account in a single transaction, alleviating the need to track and reconcile checks individually.

EVO Demo

For more information about the payroll solution that’s right for you, call (978) 263-5004